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Sweet Treats & Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate Strawberries
Members Price $14.36


12 Alcohol Truffles
Members Price $22.45


Choc Nuts and Fruit
Members Price $35.96


Chocolate Hazelnuts
Members Price $14.36


Giant Happy Birthday Freckle
Members Price $17.95


Freckle Chocolate Love
Members Price $13.46


Triple Choc Cookies
Members Price $13.46


Little Cocoloco
Members Price $107.95


Big Cocoloco
Members Price $134.95


Members Price $152.95


Freckle Heart
Members Price $6.26


Freckle Bunny
Members Price $6.26


Freckle Milk Chocolate Thanks
Members Price $13.46


Rocky Road
Members Price $11.66


Chocolate Gift Delivery

Sweeten your beautiful fresh flowers with our range of gourmet, hand-crafted and artisan chocolates. After all, what better way to spoil a loved one, friend, colleague or client than with a delicious chocolatey gift? 

Why give chocolate as a gift?

When you gift someone with chocolates, you aren’t just treating them to a decadent treat, you’re also supporting their wellbeing. Believe it or not, chocolate can actually be good for your health (when consumed in moderation, of course!). 

That awesome little cocoa bean not only tastes amazing, but is also an excellent source of antioxidants and has mood-boosting properties. Meaning chocolate can help increase endorphins in the brain, and serotonin levels. Talk about a win-win! 

It goes without saying, there are few luxuries in life that are as affordable as chocolate. No matter your gift-giving budget, a simple box of chocolates provides a wealth of enjoyment and indulgence for anyone who receives it. 

Alcohol Chocolate Truffles

For an extra special and decadent touch, take a peek at our Assorted Alcoholic Truffles - perfect for an Anniversary, Birthday or a get well soon gift!

Get Chocolate Strawberries Delivered

Mmmm, mmmm. Our organic chocolate coated strawberries are so delicious! One of our most popular chocolates delivered. A super romantic sweet treat to send with roses, just saying!

Amazing Chocolate Hampers

Our Chocolate Hampers are simply amazing. Filled with quality treats and even a cheeky bottle of bubbles, these gifts are perfect for sharing or keeping all to yourself.